Aside from creating a .pdf / georeferencing the .pdf / dynaview the .pdf to the sheet view, is there an easy way to insert excel tables, ultimately to the sheet view for plotting/drafting of a “field to finish” deliverable, in TBC?

Use of the clipboard, another words widely used current technology, would certainly be helpful.

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Out of curiosity. Why? I know Pat has ask the question of copy and paste from outside of TBC into TBC.

For me, it is for any data prepared outside TBC. Such as abutted list, 2D takeoffs, etc

It’s either jump threw a bunch of hoops to get foreign data into TBC or use another program to get the “finish” product to be truly finished. i.e. sometimes I’ll produce the almost “finished” .pdf deliverable in TBC then actually finish it by pasting the wanted data into Bluebeam. You can probably guess I get pretty grumpy if changes need to be made to the almost finished deliverable in TBC.

Trimble either needs to make the product truly “Field to Finish” or stop advertising as much.

How long has copy/paste been around? I’d guess almost as long as computers have existed no?