Replicating A Drawing Style From Another Software Product

In the video below we walk you through a fairly typical request that we hear - I have created this drawing in Product XX how do I do something similar / as close to the same in TBC. Much of this comes down to having a good TBC project Template with all of your styles and layers / layer groups set up for Dimensions, Point Labels, Alignment Labels, Text Styles etc. Once those have been setup then you can fairly easily replicate labeling and annotation styles of e.g. AutoCAD or other CAD drafting software products.

In the example we show you

Dimensioning using linear and gap dimensions and how to label on left or right side
Alignment Labels
Point labels and symbols for Elevations and Delta Elevations to Surfaces and Reference Lines
Surfaces and Quick Contours
Slope direction indicators
How to use Foreground and Background or Normal Plotting priorities
How to setup and change styles to meet the annotation needs
How to use a simple drawing template to create a drawing sheet layout
How to create a PDF output of the drawing to hand off to a field crew

Here is the target drawing - what we are aiming to get close to

Here is our end result

At a macro level - here is the target

Here is the result

Note - I used US Feet vs the users data that used Metric, and the data in my file was slightly different to that of the users data - so the surface slopes are in the opposite direction etc. - but the general look and feel is very similar - while possible to replicate exactly, that would drive more manual processes - I tried to use the automation routines as much as possible to avoid a lot of manual work - however if exact replication is needed, it would be possible - but typically we want to create the best looking results as fast as possible and to create a consistent style of output - so exact replication while a goal, may or may not be 100% possible with automation as it exists today in TBC.

Here is the PDF Output: Alik Demo(1).pdf (536.5 KB)

Here is the video