Corridor Alignment Design Optimization

Is it possible to lock a corridor design between two locations, then automatically generate alternative vertical & horizontal alignment between these locations to try and balance the earthworks based on a set of design parameters? To Offer alternative designs / cost-saving for a project.

Currently, the alignment I’m looking at generates 10,0000m3 of rock waste and 10,000m3 of fill over 6km length, simple lifting the road by 500mm reduces the cut fill balance.

If you just want to adjust a Vertical Alignment, then you can create a second VAL on the alignment, and then you can change the Active VAL for the Alignment and reference it into the corridor to adjust the heights - you cannot “lock” the VAL but you can hold the elevations at certain locations no problem.

Provided your corridor is Template Based it will adjust and reform embankment slopes etc. and give you alternative numbers.