Create Point ID by CAD Text

Is there a easy command to create a Point at center of each circle and have the point number be same number as shown in the circle? Instead of me clicking on each center of cirlce and keying the number I want it to be? I know I can use the Create point from Cad command and use center of circle and highlight all the circles, but TBC doenst seem to care about the order I pick the circles in, to follow how I want the circles to be named. Could be user error on my end to. Any thoughts?

The work around is to use create points from spot elevations probably. export out as csv. Do some excel manipulation to make the elevation the point number and then import back into TBC.

Agree that a command or TML for this would be very useful because I run into similar situations commonly.

You can do the following

From the RPS Toolbox for Data Prep use the Name by Text command - this will name the lines using the numbers in the circles

From the same toolbox now run Point Creator and set up a Point creator style that only creates Radius Points and then set the Point ID to {NAME} so that the points get named using the line Name. Disable all settings except Radius Point on Horizontal Arcs so that all you create is the Circle Center with the correct Point ID