Creating Vertical Lines for Gas Wells in a Landfill Operation

This question came up today and I thought it was worth capturing a help video to show how. The question was as follows

User is working in a Waste Management operation and they are trying to draw in the Gas Wells in 3D after each survey that they do in the landfill after a period of trash placement. At each survey horizon, they create a set of points on that surface that represent the locations of the Gas Wells on that horizon by creating a copy of the gas well points and then draping those points on the current survey surface to give them elevations. They then want to draw a line connecting all of the points from all of the prior surveys for each Gas Well - thereby creating a vertical line at each Gas Well that connects the base point to the survey 1 point to the Survey 2 point etc. After each survey they can erase the prior Gas Well Lines and create new lines to cover the latest height if backfill.

Key to success here is to make sure that all of the points for each Gas Well are created sequentially i.e. the base is the first point and then Survey 1 is later then survey 2 is later etc. The Point IDs are not really used to connect the points - that is determined by the Feature Code. In this users case each Gas Well is numbered using GW4- as a Prefix and then 0001 or 0002 as the Gas Well number - this is a numbering system defined by the regulating authority for all drawing and report submissions.

So in the example we create a set of points representing the base of the Gas Wells at the start of Landfill operations. The points are numbered 1,2,3,4 and they are coded GW4-0001 through GW4-0004.

We have two commands that can connect the dots - both methods use the Feature Code to drive the connections. The first method uses the RPS Command called Linestring by Station and that is in the Data Prep Toolbox. The second method uses the TBC Feature Code Processing tools to basically do the same thing. Either way works well.

Video shows you how

Hope that this helps


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