Cutomize Toolbar Issues

Having an issue when I try to customize the toolbar. I can add to the toolbar but if I try to move the order of the commands TBC gives me an error and will not allow me to use TBC. I then have to use the Task Manager to hard close TBC. Not sure what I am doing wrong?

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Stephen Whitmire

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You have to be in the Customize Tools command and in the Commands tab in order to move the tools that you have on your custom toolbars in the toolbar - video shows you how - let me know if this helps

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I am running 5.52 so it looks a bit different on my end than in the video. That being said I am fairly sure I am following the same procedure. I click into customize the quick access toolbar, then I tried to move all the like commands to be grouped together but when I click ok to accept my changes it gives me a robust error.

The Customize / Custom Toolbars still work the same in TBVC v5.52 as they did in 5.51 - they have not been updated or changed in years - so I am not sure what you are seeing / why you are seeing it

Let me know if you need help (send me an email) and a time when I can call you and we can take a look at it together online