Drainage XLM import

The designer is saying there are several XML standards for the drainage export

Is there an xml schema standard for this import we should be asking for

There is only one LandXML Schema - there may be other XML schemas but LandXML is the one that you want. LandXML has numerous versions - 1.1 or 1.2 is the latest that most people use and support

I dont believe that the definition of Utilities in the LandXML schema has changed much over time since it was first defined.


Thanks, Alan

For some strange reason, they have supplied data in a GIS format

Is there an easy way creating pipe networks automatically from this data, has all the attributes

Unfortunately not Gavin - LandXML is the only import format supported that creates Pipe Networks.

If you have the 3D lines and Points then you can convert them into Runs and Pipes and Nodes but it is a manual process.


Thanks Alan

Do you think if it possible to use something like FME desktop to export to a different xml schema, or even excel to change the schema

Unfortunately I dont know anything about FME desktop so I dont know if it would or world not be possible to do that