Dynaview Collection

How come I constantly have to rebuild dynaview collections if a view filter is updated? You don’t have to do this with dynaviews or plan/profile sheets. I could understand if the dynaview box changes in width but this is not the case. Seems like it might be a small bug or room for an improvement tweak.

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I misspoke, it looks like the dynaview window updates correctly but there is a red ! that would indicate that you need to rebuild you dynaview collection.

I’ve noticed this as well but I usually ignore it (red !) unless I actually change the dynaview frames which would actually require a rebuild. The refresh button usually takes care of what is expected.

The Red ! is on the Plan Set - Correct?

If Yes - the issue is this

To build a Plan Set with all of the settings and controls in it, you have to create a Dynaview Collection to do so - that way you can build it and test it. At the end of the process to save the drafting template - you have to delete the Dynaview Collection and the content data to leave a clean blank project or drafting template. When you do that the Plan Set now says " I don’t have a Dynaview Collection" and flags it red !. When you later use it in a project and create a new DVC and assign it to the plan set to build sheets - the Red ! disappears because now it says “I have a valid DVC”. Same for Cross Section and Plan and Profile Sheets - you have to have a corridor to build the template - once built you have to delete the corridor and then the Cross Section or Plan and Profile Sheet says “I don’t have a Corridor” and the red ! appears. Then later when you use it in a project and you reference a corridor it says “I now have a corridor” and the red ! disappears.

In this case the red ! is just saying that you have created a Plan Sheet set and you do not have a DVC assigned or you have a Cross Section Sheet set and you don’t have a Corridor assigned.


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As Richard says it seems to work just fine, just seems odd.