Edit Sheet Sets - Profile and Cross Section - Manual Drafting

Is there a way to manually draft on cross sections and profile sheets without running the risk of these additions getting wiped out when you rebuild sheets? I tried adding objects to the profile view on an alignment and couldn’t get them to show in the profile view.

I know you can use items such as reference lines and symbols but in some cases I would like to be able to more accurately draft a pipe, manhole, structure, footing and various other features and give more detail. Also using text to call out certain objects would be useful.

I think this is a limitation of drafting at this time but if anyone has any good tricks or work arounds I am interested.

You can draw in the Profile View (of an alignment but not in the Profile Viewer of a Linestring) and what you draw there is uable in a Dynaview connected to a Sheet output - that is controlled by View Filters.

When labeling in Profile View, Station is Easting and Elevation is Northing if you are using Smart Text - not logical I know but the views of TBC all have X and Y values and in the Profile View Station is X and Elevation is Y which actually map to Easting and Northing not Station and Elevation as you might expect …


I just tried this again and didn’t have any success. I must be missing a setting. I am not seeing a way to specifically set a view filter for the dynaview of the profile portion.

Project file: