Endpoint Snap Elevations

Ever since I updated to 5.70 I can’t get my endpoint snaps to automatically grab the elevation at that point of the line. For example, when connecting the endpoints of 2 contour lines with a linestring, I have to manually go back and enter the elevations for each segment of the linestring. Turing off the auto advance allows me to pick an elevation as I add line segments, but that is clunky compared to how it was. Did they add a new setting? Do I have to turn off other snap types to get it to work? Any help would be appreciated.


I have also been dealing with this, but I think it started before this version. I am thinking it started at least with 5.60. I have not found a good workaround.


I’m having the same problem. If right click and choose ‘End’ and snap to it, I’ll get the elevation, but not if just regularly snapping on it. Very frustrating.

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Which command(s) do you feel are not working - I am using Linestring and Takeoff Lines and they both extract elevations from end of line snaps - Quick Line appears to need you to click the end point and then click again to extract the elevation - that is the way I believe people asked for it to work so that you can override the elevations if needed - this is like the 3D mode in Takeoff Lines where it will pull the Z value and allow override - in Quick lines it takes 2D then Z and still asks you for the Z acceptance - is that what you are talking about.

If you have the Vector Snapping turned on and you have point snap enabled then you will have issues as Point Snap no matter where it is in the Running Snap priorities is always the highest priority when Vector Snaps is enabled - that is a TBC Bug / Defect introduced in 5.70. If you turn off the PDF or turn off the Vector Snaps or turn off Point snaps then end of line snap should work OK

Let me know exactly which commands you are referring to and whether or not you have PDF Snaps turned on and if On do you have a PDF visible and or Point Snaps turned On / Off so I can try to reproduce your issue


I normally use the Create Breaklines command, but I was able to recreate the problem with Create / Edit Linestring and Quick Lines commands too. I seemed to only have the problem when the existing line was only elevated by VPIs, if the line had an elevation in the horizontal, then it works as expected. The commands also work when you start your breakline anywhere along the existing line, just not at the ends. I turned off all my snaps except endpoint, I don’t have any ortho snaps turned on, and the project file hasn’t had a pdf imported, so I don’t think the Vector snaps should be a problem. Let me know if you need additional information.

I would basically repeat, word for word, everything Joshua said.

I have had this same issue since upgrading to 5.6. It does this in create linestring and edit linestring that i have noticed the most. This is without the pdf snaps turned on. and without a pdf visible.

thanks guys!!

Well I see what you are seeing in the Plan View (I normally work in 3D view when drawing lines between 3D lines and the 3D snapping works just fine in 3D - but in Plan view you are right it doesnt work at all - the elevation snaps to VPIs are not working in Plan View at all.

I will log that in with the Trimble team



Great, thanks for the help everyone!

Plus 1 for working in 3D view. Thanks Alan for logging this. It has been driving me crazy for months.

Awesome. Thanks Alan. Always great work.