Enhancement Suggestions for RPS Paste

I’ve been using the RPS Copy and RPS Paste commands a lot lately, and here are a couple things I think would enhance the functionality just a bit more.

Optional check-box enabling the pasted objects to be grouped as a selection set, either with a unique auto-generated name, or provide a textbox for naming the selection set that defaults to a unique auto-generated name (like ‘Paste’ with an appended time code). In most cases, I’m able to track the source of an object by import file and even filter view to objects from that file. Pasted objects are always orphaned in this respect. We usually keep a master *.vce for publishing job designs, but we have separate ‘working’ *.vce’s where we clean up source CAD / create the objects for the designs. Our old workflow was to export the clean design data from the working file via DWG/TTM/VCL etc, depending on the object types, and then import these intermediate files into the master job file. I’ve been using the copy/paste commands for this as it’s faster/cleaner, but at the cost of being able to distinguish/filter what got imported when and from where. If I get interrupted during the process and forget whether I’ve already pasted new information, it’s tricky to tell so I can avoid re-pasting duplicates. If I’m pasting revised objects, I have to remember what’s different so I can distinguish the obsolete from the current. Adding a feature where the pasted objects are automatically grouped would address these issues.

Ability to lock pasted graphics so they aren’t selectable/editable. Similar to how georeferenced plan sheets have ‘selectable=no’ by default after they’re placed, it would be nice if I could quickly screen-clip a detail from a PDF in Bluebeam, RPS-Paste it into TBC and then lock it down for reference once it’s rotated/translated/scaled into position. I’ve gotten results similar to geo-referencing using “By Points” to place/scale/rotate pasted - but there’s no way I can find to lock the result into a background reference. I like that pasted graphics are associated with specific layers as this helps with organization (since actual georeferenced pages can’t be grouped with layer groups etc).

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At very least, if the RPS-Paste command would place the freshly-pasted objects into the global selection once they’re pasted - then I could save the selection through normal methods. Part of the problem (in my opinion) is that there is currently very little feed-back to show that paste has executed successfully. If the destination layers exist already and are turned off when you paste, the ‘Apply’ button has little visible effect.

These are great suggestions.


We will look into this - we are in the midst of holidays and also two projects - once they are done ai will take a look with the dev team


To lock down pasted graphics once they’re in position, I had the idea to paste them in their own layer and simply turn off “Selectable” for that layer in View Filter Settings. But - the graphics themselves remain selectable even though nothing else on that layer is selectable. [Sigh]

We are looking into this - I thought maybe if you made a selection set in Project 1 from which you copied, and used the selection set to make your selection to copy that this would be part of what gets copied - apparently no - a Selection Set is not an Object so it is dropped (at least currently) in the Copy / Paste process.

If you do a VCL out and then import it a selection set is created of the data imported - it has the same name as the file you created.

Will see what we can do on Paste


I am also checking into the Locking of an image - because the image is being Placed rather than Georeferenced, they have less controls available on them - we could maybe look at the Georeference function and compute that so they become Georeferenced Images and then they would have the full controls but would not be so easy to manipulate. The easiest option would be to find out why images placed on a layer set to Non Selectable allows you to select images on that layer - that seems to be a CAD Defect in TBC that could be fixed

I will ask