TBC tables to Excel

I would like to be able to take a table made in TBC and copy that to excel to modify and do summaries and so on.

I had this latest today, the customer wanted me to quantify asphalt on various part of a highway and the asphalt are different from a certain station to the next.
I’ll give you an example;
Station 0/000-0/250 = Type A
Station 0/250-0/500 = Type B
Station 0/500-750 = Type C

And after that the type areas can be in various order.

When doing the TBC table it gets me about 80% of the work done but to summarize I have to explode the table and then copy and paste from TBC to excel. And I can not get mark all text in TBC so I have to do one line at a time.


I agree with this. Actually had this discussion with another user yesterday. Maybe Rockpile copy could help with this? @alan.sharp

Running a report to PDF gets you a report that is needed? Have any of you tried the Excel importing a PDF with a table. If a PDF has been generated with a table. Excl can recognize that table and bring in the data as a table. I do this a lot with out cut style sheets exported from our data collectors.