Feature Request - Relayer - Option to select all objects on selected layer

When first cleaning up a cad file, it would be very useful to have an option that would select all the other linework on a layer. This would save a ton of clicks when migrating data over from an engineers layers to the users standard layers. Right now a user would have to click; options, select by layer, click the layer, apply, click the new layer and repeat. Purposed method would allow you to select one piece of linework and then the new layer to associate. Saving ~ 4 clicks per layer.

This would provide similar functionality to the standardize tool but with some way better functionality that has been introduced with the RPS Relayer command.

Hello Pat,

I will pass your idea along, hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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Thank you. Merry Christmas Shane

Agreed Pat - I have been thinking that we should have a checkbox to do that for a while now.


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