Standardize - Seperating Plan View, Profile and Cross Section Linework

Standardize Command

When working with projects that have cross sections and profiles, it would be useful to have another level of selection that the standardize would only work within a selection set or active view filter.

If I choose a water profile, in many cases this is the same layer as the linework for the plan view so they end up on the same layer even though they different times of data. After standrizing, I then have to go through and pick out components and pieces.

My work around is to select the profile sand cross sections, export this out and reimport them with a new prefix.

I tried using the relayer command but it took me too long to populate all of the layers that I think I might need and I was always missing something.

Is there a better work around? Is there improvements that can be made to both the standardize layer and relayer to accommodate for these scenarios?

RPS Relayer Suggestion - faster selection of layer, a filter style combo box would be awesome

The new RPS relayer command is the solution to this. It provide better isolation and selection features to seperate out these different components.

I have yet to use that option and the one i am presenting. the “Selection Explorer” seems like a good option for this as well.

Hey Pat,

I would agree that using the RPS Relayer command would be your best option when doing this type of work.

You know that in Standardize command you can deselect things that are selected by layer before relayering them - use the Shift key and click the objects you don’t want to Relayer to deselect them before relayering them. You can also use the Shift key to select individual objects and just relayer them in this process.


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So watching your video you want a tool that would change the Layer Names of the objects selected by adding a Prefix / Suffix to the objects layer names - and maybe add the new layers to a New / Layer Group as well I would assume - so your Profile data would end up on eg PROFILE - XXXXX where XXX was the source layer name and in a group called Profile Data or similar.

I guess we could add that capability into Relayer command - I think there is also the Relayer by Name function that we also need to add to the Relayer Command also and we are also discussing a ReGroup function that would allow you to Regroup the Layers of the selected objects and double click on a layer Group list group item (same as Relayer but just Regroup. Maybe the Regroup Function is where you do the Layer Renaming - that way you could say select the Profile Data, enter a Prefix the selected objects Layer Names with XXX- etc and regroup at the same time with a double click on the Layer Group you want to target.

Does that sound about right?

There are often times when I want to Regroup imported CAD layers into a Group Structure without having to Relayer or Standardize Layers


Yes. That would be the easiest. With those groups of linework I typically don’t get too fancy because those are more just for my reference.

Because the layers in plan view and profile view are the same for objects like pipe they get remapped to the same layer as the plan view. Really you want this to be on separate layers so when have your plan view layers on it is only this data and only profile data. I could use a selection set but this wouldn’t translate to the field.

I agree with the shift tip but without using the isolate layer command, you don’t know what view an object may be in.

Hi Alan,

We used Standardize Layer to start all our projects also.

Here’s some of the stuff that I hope can also be improved, and I apologized if Pat already asked you some of it.

  1. Be able to add the linework’s customize name by adding another box to type in that name.
  2. Be able to have an option to only shows the “Layers by Group,” so we wouldn’t have to scroll up and down to search for it. We have multiple templates for Topo, Takeoff, and our main working template for Project designs, but our main templates have hundreds of layers.
  3. This one is probably another topic and a Trimble request but I will just throw it here. I would like to see TBC be able to have an option to hide layers or layers by group temporarily so we wouldn’t see those layers on any other commands and be able to turn it back on if we needed it.