Advanced Select

I use advanced select a lot for cleaning things up, and I would love to see more filtering options. So often I would love to be able say filter everything that is on a certain layer that is a certain color. There may already be a way to do this and I am just ignorant to the process.


Agreed. It is a great tool but a pain if you what to continuously select by a certain criteria that is just slightly different.

I would like something similar for names.

To me, a checklist of properties would be great. Just check what you want to filter by, and it gets highlighted. There are already lists for data types, properties, and colors.

Noted the request - Select Similar kind of does some of this - draw an object of the type you want (eg a polyline or a linestring) in the Color and Layer and linestyle and with the Name etc. that you want) then select similar and pick the object you just drew to create then select the properties you want to match

Agree that this could be easier and that a line of any type could be selected when the source is a Polyline and the same for points of any type when you pick a point etc.

This may help for now - I use Geometric Select for all things Geometrical, I use Advance Select a lot also and rarely I will use Select by Layer or by Elevation or by Similar. I often use the Object Type selector in the header of the Properties pane to reduce the properties to just those of the selected object type (but that really is not a selection method), and I will often create selection sets that I can use as my basis for selection.

For me this type of Selection would be

Select the objects to use as the source - all or a selection of objects

Select Object Types from the list of Object types selected / in the project (to reduce the options)
List the Object Types in the Global Selection and Check On / Off that you do want / dont want to work with - this updates the global selection

Select Common Properties of selected object types
List the common properties (this is the challenge as Blocks, Text, Lines, Points, Alignments, Surfaces etc all have different properties so selecting mixed objects offers less select criteria)

What do you want to do with the selected objects - those that are selected could be copied to the Global Selection and you exit the command and change their properties, or you want to Relayer the selection or you want to change their Z values to undefined or a specific value or change to a surface elevation etc. (this is the real question as to what you want to do with the selection that you made

Our Relayer command could likely be expanded to do this type of thing from a Non Geometric selection basis and Geometric Select keeps with the geometry selection process.

What are the main things you want to do with the Selected data?



This particular situation was cleaning up a CAD drawing where I ended up with a bunch of cubes around my storm structures that were on the same layer as the storm structure linework. It just so happened that the linework I wanted was red and the cubes were all yellow. If I could have selected all objects on that particular layer that happened to be yellow, I could have deleted it all in 5 seconds. I did not think about geometric selection, but I am done now with all of the deleting. Next time that happens, I will try it.

Advanced Select should allow that also


When I have time, I will mess around with some more. Maybe there is something I am missing.