Find surface area

Is there a possibility to add the areas for different slopes to this command? Often during takeoff measurements I get asked to get the areas of batter slopes according to steepness as different treatments are applied according to grade?


Try using the surface area by slope range command Bruce - it is on the Modeling Toolbox menu under Reports - I think it will do what you want here


Hi Alan

The surface area by slope range command appears to be a report on the cut fill surfaces between 2 surfaces. What I am after is the option like in the Surface information report for the slope ranges on a finished design surface only

Is it possible to use 3D linestring for the surfaces after explode. Then run a report between two linestrings? This seems as you can just target areas you know that only need reports while of course using an alignment for stations.

If your design surface has an elevation range of say 380 to 520 then draw a rectangle around the surface at say 350 elevation and make a surface out of it. Now run the report using the Datum Surface as your original and the Design Surface as your Design and I think it will give you what you need - we should add the ability to select None in the Original and do this behind the scenes to make it easier on you as a user.

You should then see the slope areas within the different slope ranges that you define