Shade Surface by Slope Range

Hi Alan,

I am wondering if it is possible to shade a surface based on different slope ranges? I have found “Surface Area by Slope Ranges” report which summaries the areas into slope ranges however i need to be able to show where these areas are in a plot.

I have played around with the slope by range in the DTM properties however this will only display one slope range and is quite a manual process.

A bit of contect behind this is on freeway batters we are required to rock pitch areas with slopes between 1:1 to 1:2 and then geotextile coverage from 1:2 to 1:3 and 1:3 and flatter require no treatment. So ideally i need to produce a plot to show where the different areas lie for field crews particulary in an area where there is a vartiable batter slope.

Thanks in advanced.

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I am running v5.52. I just noticed this in the properties of the surface allows for shade by slope range. I am not sure in what version this starting. I have not use this command which I will try to use it now. maybe worth updating if your not update.

What I do currently is create a copy of the surface for each of the ranges you need - in your case you have three needs (one for Rock Pitch, one for Geotextile and one for no treatment).

Shade Surface 1 by Slope Range Min 0% to 1:3.01 for your No Treatment (Green)
Shade Surface 2 by Slope Range Min 1:3.01 to 1:2.01 for your Geotextiles (Orange)
Shade Surface 3 by Slope Range Min 1:2.01 to 1:1 for your Rock Pitch (Purple)

Here is the end result

VCL File if you want to take a look

Shade By Slope Example.vcl (188.4 KB)


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Used this today to check side slopes and it works great.

Hi all thanks for the helpful work arounds :+1: