Geometric Selection - Slow on cross section set

I am noticing a few issues with the geometric selection:

  1. Doesn’t seem to select 0 length linework
  2. Deleting lines takes a very long time within the geometric selection, even on one sheet. Way longer to delete than selecting the linework and use the delete button.

There is a lot of “junk” linework because of the hatching.

Pages from Sarah Long Bridge - No Markups.pdf (1.9 MB)

The issue is caused because you not only have to delete the data but readjust the master selection for all of the data that was deleted - this is actually what takes the time and is actually out of our control - we have to use a TBC call to do that and that ends some optimization. It is quicker to put it on a junk layer and then delete it later

I agree that hatch patterns are a royal pain but there are often 100s of thousands of lines on a single page.



Agreed, so many segmented lines. After realizing this, I just copied to global selection and deleted. This worked pretty well.

I am still having an issue with it not picking up zero length linework though.