Green Ortho when Printed to PDF

Greetings all,
My issue has been discussed previously, but a quick search did not yield a resolution.
I am having an issue with the print-to PDF with an ortho; the ortho is green in the PDF.

green ortho.pdf (906.6 KB)

What version of TBC are you running - there was an issue with this a while back but it was fixed - at least I hought it was and I haven’t seen this myself in a while

It could also be a memory thing - try saving exiting TBC and maybe restart your PC to clear all memory and try again after a restart.

I assume you are using Dynaviews and sheets to create this and not Plotbox - if using Plot box I would go to Dynaviews and Sheets as they have less issues with memory etc.

Let me know


Hi Alan,
I thought so too.
I am currently on v5.70.8236.15475.

I did the obvious with updates, drivers etc. resaved and recreated the dataset to no avail. I am using Dynaviews on countless projects, this was the first green ortho in years.
Yesterday morning I opened the project on an entire different PC, incase was a driver related, still green ortho which makes definitely feel it is coming from TBC. I was moving down the path of maybe it was not the ortho but maybe a sorting order?

Maybe change your view filter