How Do I Join Gaps Between Parts of Sections Quickly?

This question was raised earlier today. Here is an example of what we are talking about

You can see that the Cross sections that have been converted have in some cases two parts with a gap in between. If you have a lot of these in eg the Original Ground Surface, is there a way that you can join all the parts together without doing them all one at a time?

The answer is yes, use the Project Cleanup command -Join Function and input a Join Tolerance greater than the largest gap between the parts that you want to Join. The project Cleanup join function only joins lines that are on the same layer and only joins over gaps less than the input tolerance that are going to form with a deflection angle that is close to tangential (I think the tolerance angle is ~5 degrees) making it perfect to solve this specific problem

Simply select all the lines you may want to join (select by layer) and then Project Cleanup, Join and tolerance of eg 50’ and apply and you should find that all your lines join together in one step.