How To Use a Corridor Model To Compute Work In Progress Volumes

This question came up this week - thought it was worth capturing here

The problem is this. The user has an Existing Ground Model. They Have a Design Model for a Cutting. They also have a Work In Progress survey that covers the work completed to date, however that extends outside the envelope of the Finished Grade Model for the project. So how can you clip the volumes down to just the area of material inside the corridor envelope?

While you can do some of this work with the Merge Surfaces command, in this case I use the Corridor Model but use the surfaces in an unexpected way to get what I need. Because in this case I am chasing the volume between Existing and Work In Progress, and because I want to use the FInished Grade to clip the WIP surface, I model the corridor using the surfaces as follows

Existing - Use as Finished Grade
WIP - Use as Material Layer WIP
Finished Grade - Use as Material Layer Base of Subgrade

This will then give me the volumes between Existing and WIP and between WIP and Finished Grade and I can use the Clipping function on the WIP surface and clip it to the Finished Grade Surface so as to limit the volumes as requested.

The Video shows how to achieve this

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