How to use a Profile Drawing Template to Produce Ditch Profile Drawings

I had this question came up this week. The customer basically surveys ditch profiles and then creates designs using TBC for the “New Regraded Ditch Profile” and then needs to plot the Existing and Design Ditch profiles for each ditch surveyed. The new ditch profile is then used by an Excavator to regrade the ditches to the new improved profile. In this case I built the enclosed template to help automate the profile drawing process, so now it is as simple as

Import the Profile Drawing Template
Associate the Profile Drawing Template with the Ditch Corridor model
Tweak a few settings like Scale, Vertical Exaggeration and make sure that the Existing Grade and Vertical Design Profiles are referenced correctly for each ditch, Add any crossing lines like Culverts that you want to plot
Build Sheets
Print Plan Set

The video goes over all of the settings in the Profile Sheet Settings. I am using Plan and Profile Sheet setup as that gives me a lot more control over labeling and annotating the alignment information.

Example Template:
17 x 11 Ditch Profile Sheet Layout Template (RM McDonald).vcl (215.4 KB)

Example Profile Drawing Output:
RM of Macdonald Ditching v10 .pdf (524.5 KB)

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