Import PDF Command Not Working

Good morning! One of the guys on my team is running into an issue with the import PDF command. After running the command, the image of the PDF will not generate. It started occurring last week. He was running 5.70. I had him uninstall and update to 5.80. Same thing. I had him open a new default project and the import command ran perfectly. For whatever reason, in this existing file, he’s running into issues. Any trouble shooting tips?

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After getting with Nate and seeing his setup, his issue was a simple one if you know what to look at.

Selection sets are a great way to keep data grouped up and to easily switch between data sets. That being said, it’s important to make sure that you don’t have a dataset selected when importing new information into your project. If that happens, which was the issue in this case, you will not see the data that you’ve imported and this is where the frustration begins. This is not something that happens very often but if you use selection sets it will happen to you at least once.

So if you do use selection sets, ensure that you have them unchecked and you are showing everything prior to importing information and you will not have this issue moving forward.


One of lifes Gotchas!

Life would be no fun if everything always worked perfectly all the time!

Gives us something to work on at RPS for sure


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