Importing SPjs can lead to duplicate points

SPJs are the points files from SiteWorks/SCS900. If you import an SPJ file, it reimports all the points even if the spj with the same name has already been imported. Is there any automated way of handling this so that points with the same name are merged?

This can very quickly bloat a file and leads to lots of useless duplicate points.

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It should not duplicate the points - it knows it came from a file that was already imported so it removes the old data and replaces it with new data - at least that was how it worked before.

If you have dons things to the original data like change the layers, names, prefixes etc then maybe not, but that was how it used o work unless someone changed something.

If you have two versions of the same file with different content send them over and I will take a look


Old Version 4/29/2020 as built camera.spj (25.6 KB)

New Version 11/10/2021 as built camera.spj (72.8 KB)

I tested this with the two files and it does what I thought it should - I tried Import and also drag and drop nd the behavior was the same.

Having said that as I mentioned earlier - I would expect that if you make changes to the data (Relayer, Rename, Move, Edit, Delete anything in the first file before importing the second file, I would expect that we would not simply replace the old with the new which is indeed the case and there are going to be rules around that - Here are a few that I can see directly from a couple of quick tests

  1. I imported the first file, relayered the data and then imported the second file. I ended up only with one set of data - the first set of data that I relayered is still there on the different layer - the new data that would duplicate the data from File 1 was not reimported. The new data in File 2 was imported on its SPS defined layers

  2. I imported the first file, relayered and moved it to a different location, then I imported File 2 and again the file 1 relayering and Movement was left alone and only the new data from File 2 was imported

This is the behavior that we wrote when I ran SPS / TBC 10 years ago and it looks the same today as it did then. You seem to be saying that it does something different for you.

I also only have one file after all this in the imported files list - so would be good to work out what you are doing differently here as this is doing what we designed it to do to tackle this exact scenario.


I did some extensive testing and agree with what you said. What I did find is the file location matters and this is where the data varied thus creating 2 files.

If you download one of those files, import into tbc, then create a copy of that file on your desktop (or some other folder) and move into TBC you will see the duplication of data.

The assumption of the TBC field data workflows is that the original WO becomes the later WO and that it would be in the same location - if your testing is correct then the path has to be the same for it to be seen as a newer version of the same file which is what would be expected in the field data processes as they were defined at the time. If you are being emailed the files and are storing them on your PC in a user defined location then if they are in different locations it seems that they are not seen as the same file.

I would import File 1 and then move it to a backup location and then import file 2 from the same location as File 1 was in when you imported it - that way you can keep the files but still achieve the desired work process.