Points from XML move when importing DC

I have points that were created when I imported XMLs from the engineer. When I import the Dc file from the field, these points shift because they are not office entered grid points. Is there any way to lock these down?

I need the dc file import for WorksManager and SiteVision.

I am surprised that LandXML points are imported as Grid Points but OK - the only way is to export them before they get moved and to reimport them a Grid Only using the ASCI import function. There is no way that I know of to convert Grid Points to Grid Only Points once they are created. You ca do the opposite (take CAD Points and make them Grid Points but not the reverse.

Sounds like another TML for the list!


That would be very useful and give piece of mind that the points are not getting moved on you.

This has always been my issue with bringing the DC file back in after you have points imported into a project.