Insert Logo Plotting (Drafting)


How would I go about inserting a company logo into a sheet for printing? Would I insert the logo into a Dynaview? If so, what is the workflow for this, any resources for Drafting in general would be very helpful, specifically how to create plan and profile sheets.

Thank you!

All this is. Overed in our training library in the plotting and Drafting class. If you have that class or a Season Pass you would have everything you need.

Failing that some of the videos in the plotting and Drafting section of the TBC work Processes area of the forum cover some of these elements as Q&A

Plan and Profile Sheets is a training in the plotting and Drafting class on the Library


Alan thank you,

I apologize I am not sure how to access this content, I would assume as a dealer I would have access for personal knowledge. Is this something you can share a link for?

Thank you for your help,

Here is the link to the RPS library. You also must be also be a RPS training subscriber