Is there a way to display line names

i work primarily in curb and gutter and with several lines i need to name each of them for the machine control crew.

i name the lines in the properties as a i elevate them. is there a way to display those names?

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The properties pain displays them when the line is selected. As far as I know, the only way to display directly in the plan view, you’ll need to label the line. And since the Label Style Manager doesn’t provide for the line’s name option, you need to use the ‘Name by Layer’ tml with the {N} switch and the ‘Add line label’ box checked.

The only way right now is to actually use Point Creator command to create named points at intervals along the lines and then label those points with Label Points Command - that is how I would do it right now. You can align the labels with the line and it works - when you send to the field then just select the lines and the labels but not the points.

We should write a routine for that also but this approach works today


If you have your different Curb etc. on separate layers with the layer name being the type of curb. This will also save time in not having to go into properties and name them. You can then use the RPS Name by layer command check the box to add line label. You can put these on separate layers to not crowd things. For example B1 curb labels etc. You might have to figure the text size by trial and error and then save that text style to not have to recreate for the drawing or future ones. This will add labels to any selected layer and add the layer name for those lines.
Not sure if this is what you are looking for.
Line Labels