Layer control for points and line labels

It would be very time saving for particular projects if we could get a command for labeling points and lines that assigns the layer for the label to be the same as the layer that the entity is already on.

A lot of our projects that we carry out are initial site surveys for builders / architects that require levels to be shown on the drawing. These heights labels need to be in different layers so that they can be turned on and off for clarity.

To assist with time saving for this process if we were able to turn on say "Bottom of Kerb (Points), Road Centre (Points) and Spotheights and then assign height labels to all points which then appeared in each respective layer, this would save us having to repeat the label command for each individual layer.


We have looked at the requirement and development are seeing what they can do - it looks like they are going to set Layer 0 to be By Object i.e. if the object is on layer Fence then the label would be on Layer Fence also if it was set to layer 0 in its settings. It did not make the 5.3 release, I will be lobbying to get this in the next patch update. We are also looking to add the same support to Line Labels, Point Labels and Polygon Labels using the Layer 0 = By Object approach.

Thanks for the feedback Peter


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