Key in Points via Decimal Degrees

Is there a way to key in points via decimals degrees? I haven’t found a way yet. I know you can create a custom import which I may do.

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Yes it is in your settings and under units.

Thanks @Steve_Lacey!

So there is no way to go back and forth quickly by keying in? A majority of the time we use DMS but every now and then we run into a software, in this case drone software, that use Decimal degrees.

If you type in 26.5D it will convert decimal degrees to DMS for you ie 26 degrees 30 minutes 00 seconds

Same as for distances if you type 8in or 8" it will convert to 0.667 ft etc. Or 80mm = 0.08m or 8 3/4" etc.



You are a wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Big time saver.

Hopefully the forum replaces me someday!


Only if you can get your team to write some AI version of you into it haha

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