Linestring start station

I know there is a way you can change the start station of a linestring by giving it a specific name in the properties, right? I can’t remember how exactly it should be named to get to that option.
Anyone can help me out on this one?


Name it starting with 2 underscores ie __WALL



I have never heard of this. This will help out when I elevate my storm linestring to follow the storm profile.
thanks for this question

I found it useful when converting linestring to an alignment, it maintains correct stationing and
beneficial on creating vertical part of an alignment.

Thanks for bringing this up. This will be very useful in the future. when using the convert linestring and convert linestring is toggled on will this respect this? If not could we get an option for this? Could be useful when designing or redesign.

Curious if Siteworks will respect this as well.

Siteworks does not support this as far as I know.

Convert to linestring converts plines to linestrings so it has nothing to support because only linestrings support this today not Plines.


What I was thinking is for alignments. If you have an alignment that does not start at zero you could convert this to a linestring with the correct starting station, move around graphically as a linestring and then convert back to an alignment.

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either way, if your able to change the name to be able to open the option for begin station. why not just have that open in the linestring properties. " option change station " yes or no" like it does for add to surface or like a closed polyline for fill. You have the option to even turn off flags in a surface when we know that we should fix all flags and not hide them.


You can add the 2 underscore to trigger the start station , once you add the stations, you can remove the underscore and name the linestring as you wish and the stations remains.

Thanks for this fellas. Useful tip for sure.

Does someone have a screen shot of this? Not having any luck getting it to work.

two underscores and a name.

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Thanks. I totally missed the additional “begin station” field. I thought the station had to be in the name.