Lock View command seems to affect Zooming


Here is a video. http://somup.com/crVf1x29tC
When lock view is enabled it seems like its affecting my zooming when joining lines. Is it a bug or my computer?

Also when just turning on and off layers. http://somup.com/crVf1s29uu

I have been able to reproduce this on my end so I will talk to the developers on our side about what is happening here - we are changing the way the lock scales is working to make the box in View 1 bigger when zoomed right in on View 2 and zoomed right out on View 1 so it is easy for us to fix I would hope. It does appear that we are adjusting the view on commands like Join that causes a recomputation of the zoom scale - and once that starts while Lock Views is enabled it appears to be refreshing and zooming out a bit each time which should not be happening - good bug to catch Fred - I had not noticed that previously


We are looking at how to solve the issue of working with two views of different sizes when the zoom scales are locked - the reason you are getting the zoom outs is because the views are different sizes and the rescaling function of the command is slightly off when that happens - when the two views are similar in size the scaling issue is small, however when the two windows are of different sizes it becomes more noticeable - a good catch for sure but something you can mitigate by making the windows all but the same size - we are looking to see how we can fix that in the code

Thanks for raising the issue.


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