Menu Ribbons for TBC v5.4

Here are the long awaited RPS Construction Menu Ribbons for TBC v5.4. We enclose three menu systems as follows

RPS Construction Basics (For TBC new users that just need CAD, Reports and Measurements)
RPS Construction Basic Menu (v5.4).bin (3.8 MB)

RPS Construction Mainstream (For Data Prep, Corridors and Takeoff Users)
RPS Construction - Mainstream Menu (v5.4).bin (3.8 MB)

RPS Construction Complete (For all TBC Uses)
RPS Construction Menu - Complete (v5.4).bin (3.8 MB)

All of the menus follow our use case philosophy as follows

  • Menus that address a complete Work Process e.g. Data Prep, Takeoff, CAD, Corridors, Cross Section Takeoff etc.
  • Menus that flow from Left to Right - start on the left side of the menu and work across to the right to execute the process - finish up on the right side with reports
  • Large buttons are more important commands and are stepping stones for the work process. Small buttons may also be needed along the way
  • Don’t unnecessarily duplicate commands on multiple menus. Use Toolbars and Quick Access Toolbar to reduce the number of commands on each menu. The custom toolbars are now docked at the top of the Graphics Areas.
  • Quick Access Toolbar provide system level functions like New Project, Save Project, Open New Views, Project Explorer, View Filters etc.
  • Custom Toolbars provide access to commonly needed tools regardless of which menu you are in

The Custom Menus contain all of the menus offered by TBC and a number of custom menus accessible through the Set Ribbon Tabs command. The configurations provided have varying amounts of information switched off. You can enable the switched off functions through the Support - Customize Ribbons command.

The menu configuration files contain the following elements

The Menu Ribbon layouts that we recommend for users
The Quick Access Toolbar layout that we recommend
The Custom Toolbars that we recommend
The Custom Keyboard shortcuts that we recommend

The enclosed Quick Reference Cards provide the Keyboard Shortcuts as well as some other useful TBC information for users (new and experienced)

TBC Quick Reference Cards.docx (764.8 KB)

Hey Alan

is there any way of making the icons smaller in the custom tool bar


found the solution


Correct - from the Menu Ribbon - Right Click and select customize and then in the dialog that pops up select Options and then select Large Icons on Toolbars on or off


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Updated Rockpile Menu Ribbon: Optimized for left to right work flow, allowing TBC users to work quickly and efficiently.

  • Importing
  • Data Prep
  • Elevate and Model
  • Takeoff
  • Advanced Modeling
  • Cross Section Takeoff
  • Drafting
  • Sheet Layout
  • Field Data

Site Takeoff v5.4 Rev 6.bin (4.1 MB)