Optimize Linestrings Command with scs measure breaklines

I am trying to run the line-string optimizer on field measured break-lines. I am wanting the chorded curb rads smoothed. The points are shot along the radius every ten feet, meeting the five point suggestion in the write-up of this macro. I am only looking at the horizontal, of which the tolerance options are fairly straight forward. I have played with the tolerances up to 3 ft and brought the radius down to 200 and cant get the chording removed. Am I missing the bigger picture? The associated videos for this macro show an older horizontal tolerance menu but its all basically the same…does the geometry already need to be in place?
trying to get away from the editor and node-by-node edit - maybe there is another macro better suited?



it turns out my Max offset for Arc needed to go wayyy up. the Max Radius also needs to be closer to actual radius. Think I have it figured…


The max offset is how far away the resulting arc can be from the source data points in the source line. Ideally a perfect arc can fit through all of the nodes exactly, however if it cant it needs to be able to change the arc to get a best fit through the points and then it will be off at each node by an amount. It will always try to fit with the least amount of error, however if you set the tolerance too tight it will not be able to find a fit and will leave it chorded.

The max radius needs to be larger than the arcs you expect to create - ie if your max radius on site (design is 100’ then you would need a max Radius of 120’ or similar to be sure to create the arcs correctly - this setting is there to stop it creating large radius arcs unnecessarily - eg you measure 5 points in a straight line, there are slight measurement errors in the points, the line could be a straight or a large R arc. If you limit the Max R then it likely has to be a straight if the max R is exceeded.


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