Trouble with Best Fit Linestring


I have tried to use this command a couple times recently and each time I only want to adjust the vertical. No matter the settings I try, it fails and draws a line at 0 elevation.

Am I missing something obvious?

Thanks in advance

Your observation is correct - I would use Linestring Optimizer instead of the Best Fit Linestring as the controls there are way better - Best Fit is one of the TMLs that we took on from Trimble and we have not touched it as a command - the optimizer has both Vertical and Horizontal Controls - if you dont want the horizontal adjusted put in extremely tight tolerances like 0.001m but then put in tolerances that you are prepared to accept for the vertical e.g. 2cm and a VC length of up to 300m and it will strip out nodes and fit VCs where needed to give a nice smooth profile

Pre Optimization

Post Optimization

I will add a defect into our system about BFL but I believe that we will do any of this type of work in Linestring Optimizer going forwards as the math engine in that is way stronger than that in BFL.


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Thanks Alan. Optimize Linestring got me what I needed.