Plotting Drainage Profiles

Is there any way to plot drainage profiles by drainage networks
Has anyone got a drafting template set up to do this?
Similar to the image below:

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If you create the 3D lines for top and bottom.of.pipe and use one of the lines to create an alignment you can create a profile along the line, cut a profile of OG against the line and then use createprofileproxy to.add the top of pipe line into the profile view. Then plot the profile using any one of the templates that supports Profile view

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Hey Alan

Thanks for the reply

Seems a lot of work when you have networks already created.

But this is a workaround for now

Thought there might have been an easier way by just selecting the networks and pipe runs, similar the the corridor sellection.

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Unfortunately not today at least


That’s exactly what I have been needing. Thanks :grinning:

That’s a great idea. I build alot of these networks for As built submittals to Udot. It would work great for my purpose of creating X-sections quicly from As built data and Utilty data for possible conflicts. :+1:

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