Plot Scale - Text Style - Label Style - How Do They Interact

This comes up quite a bit in discussion - i.e. how does the plot scale, text style and label style interact to create text that looks right on a drawing

In the Project Settings for View - Plan View you have a Plot Scale that you can control. This will directly influence text that is defined in Sheet units on the drawing . For example if you have a Text Style that has a text height of 0.1" Sheet Units then at 50 scale this will be 50*0.1 high i.e 5’ high in plan view. If you change the plot scale to 100 scale ten the text height will be 10’ as a result and the text height will change dynamically when you change the Plot Scale. You should set your Plot Scale as close as possible to the Plot Scale that you intend to use for your drawing sheets.

When you define a text style, you define the font, and other parameters including the Text Height and the units - Sheet or Ground. If you define Text Styles in Ground Units, then that is an absolute value, and the text will be drawn at a single height regardless of the Plot Scale that you define - the text will appear as if it was written on the ground. If you define the Text Height in Sheet units, then the text height will vary with Plot Scale if drawn in the plan view, and will update dynamically when you change the Plot Scale,

Label Styles incorporate a Text Style and its settings, and are therefore affected by plot scale when the text style text height is defined in Sheet Units. The Label Style defines which label values to display on the selected points e.g. Elevation, Point number, Feature Code, Attributes etc.

Therefore to define a Project Template that incorporates all of the elements that you need to label points with the Label Points command, you require the following

  1. Text Style that defines the font and text height in ground or sheet units
  2. Label Style that defines the layout and content of the point labels required
  3. Plot Scale in Project Settings for the view in question (Plan, Profile, Section etc.)

When all of these elements are defined correctly you will get a good output result.

Hope that this helps