View and plot priorities

When viewing data in graphical views or creating plots or PDF outputs TBC applies the following rules to the way it prints or displays object data

First TBC groups data into the following groups - the groups display in this order - the first group images at the back and the last group Text at the front

Group 1
Images, Georeferenced Images and Georeferenced PDF Pages

Group 2
Fills and Hatches and this includes solid objects like IFC Shells or Utility objects etc.

Group 3

Group 4

Within each of the above Groups, objects on different layers can be given view / display priority defined in the Layer Manager. View / Display priority can be set to Background, Normal or Foreground. These apply within the object groups but do not change the group priority i.e. Text on a Background Layer will plot behind Text on a Normal or Foreground Layer, but will always plot on top of Linework and Fills and Images etc.

When plotting surfaces as colored renderings or textured renderings transparency will help to make other things stand out, if drawing text on solid surfaces then you can use the white out setting in a text style which will create a white box around the text to make it stand out on the surface or cut fill map etc.

Using lineweights can also enhance the quality / look of printed linework on drawings

Setting up your project templates in the right way will significantly enhance the quality of your outputs.

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