Point Cloud by Boundary Command

D_SelectPointCloudByBoundary_600ppi   Point Cloud by Boundary

Command Licensing and Default Menu Location

  • The Point Cloud by Boundary command is part of the RPS Tool Shed Toolbox
  • The command is located on the Tool Shed macros menu ribbon
  • The command is located in the QA / Point Clouds menu group

Command Description

Create point cloud regions quickly from imported point clouds using predefined boundaries

Command Interface Description

The Point Cloud by Boundary command dialog looks as follows

Note: to use this command you must first select the Polygon Select Mode before proceeding. Polygon Select is activated by tapping the icon shown here at the base of the TBC Graphics Window


Select a closed line that you want to use to select point data from a point cloud to create a point cloud region for the areas that you are working or are interested in.

Note that the process that you are using here is a data selection tool that allows you to select data from a point cloud using a pre-defined polygon as opposed to selecting data by free hand drawing of a polygon.

This process can be used e.g. on point clouds imported from periodic drone flight surveys, where you want to quickly extract the data that covers the site limits only, thereby eliminating a large amount of unnecessary data for your modeling needs.

It can also be used to remove areas from within a point cloud that have to be removed from each survey due to existing buildings or preserved tree or wetland areas that you want to remove from your models because they do not represent the ground in those areas, and they are not disturbed by construction activities.

Once the point data has been selected, you will normally use the Create Point Cloud Region command to move the selected data out of the overall scan into its own point cloud region for further processing. That command can be found in the Point Cloud menu.

Executes the command and closes on completion

Closes the command without further execution.

Video Demonstration

The following video shows how to utilize the Point Cloud by Boundary command

Use Case Videos

The following videos show the use of the Point Cloud by Boundary command in a work process context

Feedback and Enhancement Requests

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