PDF to CAD App?

I don’t remember what I was looking at when a advertising for. PDF to CAD appeared.
Has anyone used any of these app? Would this be a better way to import PDF? The scale and location would still be needed.

They convert the vectors into DXF which you can import - really no different to importing a PDF and extracting the vectors - you won’t get any real benefit over the current TBC workflow as far as I know


We used to use this product for raster pdfs: Al PDF to DWG/DXF Converter - Print2CAD AI Phenomenon | BackToCAD

Its been a while but it work decent.

What about the size of the CAD data? When I import the vector data it make TBC lag. It could lag cause of just one PDF has to many text, polyline has to many segments. My laptop is not up to par for vector data at times. Does the PDF to CAD have different. I am not worried about this, just something I saw and thought I would bring it up.