Quick Line - "New Layer" Color and Line Style Defaults

Does anyone else think the “new layer” dialogue box is quite slow in the Quick Line command? It would be nice if you just click “new”, type in the layer name, hit enter, and begin drawing your line. Currently you have to select a line style and color, as there are no default options. If those fields were auto-populated with “solid” and “white” or even a random color, this would speed things up quite a bit. That way you have the option to change them when you care to, but when you don’t, you can quickly draw a line with default options.

I am sure we can set defaults easy enough - let me check on that


I just checked this Devin - if you click New - you can type in a Layer Name and ok or Enter - the default is Aquamarine because this is the first color in the list - if you all really want Black / White to be the default I am sure it could be changed to that - I don’t really agree that it is “slow” or that I would want all new layers that I create to be black and not assigned to a Takeoff Category etc.

You must have a specific reason as to why you just want lines in Black on a layer and not have any other layer settings at all - there are defaults and they do work - you will just get Aquamarine right now rather than Black


Weird. After I type the layer name, and hit enter or apply, I get a popup saying “by layer is not a valid linestyle, please select a different linestyle.” Once I do that, it then also requires me to choose a color. There are no defaults. Maybe I need to update my toolbox. Let me try that and see if it fixes it

Sounds like you dont have the latest tools - call me if you need me to walk you through the updates