New Layer - Turn on When Created

New layer is probably one of my favorite commands because it is quick and encompassing. Is there a way to add a toggle so the new layer turns on when it is created.

I know you can turn this on for the view filter where all new layers that are create get turned on but this can be overwhelming.

Are you asking us to add it to the current View Filter - even if it is locked?

If the View Filter in use is Locked then the layer created will not be a part of the view filter - the layer will be On (or should be I would have thought, but just not On in the View Filter in use?

Maybe I am missing something here - let me try it and see if I can see what you are getting at.


No if it is unlocked And if “add newly created layers” is checked off, turn it on for the new layer so it is visible and then turn it off so other layers (newly imported dxfs/dwgs) do not dominate the screen.

I will try and zip a vid over some time this weekend.

There is a picture here but it is odd that it doesn’t show unless you click on the hyper link ↓

So to do what you want here we would have to have a check box that says

Add to all view filters or Add to all in use View Filters even though that other setting is off and the view filters are locked?

Challenge I have with this though is that the ability to Lock a View Filter and Not add new layers to it is important for certain things and I am not sure that i would ever want all my View Filters affected like this (at least not most of the time - so a check box that could do this would have to be off by default every time in my view and you would only turn it on if you really really wanted this to happen.

Other challenge is why differentiate between View Filters in Use versus all view filters - I would argue that in reality I would really want to maybe add this to selected view filters (in use or not), and therefore the correct approach would be to be able to select VFs from a list and in background we would have to unlock it, add the layer and then lock it.

What happens if you apply VF Overrides as well - should we allow you to set those at the same time here - this is why this is a trick to do because it is a chain of issues here - maybe this is an Advanced Group in the New Layer Control that allows this type of thing.


I agree there needs to be some thought on this but think it could be useful and save on hunting down a layer to turn it on after it has been created. Could be very useful for takeoffs. Having it off by default would be fine.

If a view filter is locked, I would not force this. Chances are you have it locked for a reason and this should be manually adjusted.

So you are saving view filters “active”. I would agree with that. Maybe a toggle option. Such that

  • do not add (default)
  • add to select view filter
  • add to open view filters (filters visible on the screen{not sue if there is a proper term for this})

I think a list pick, although in some scenarios could be useful, could slow down the workflow. The above options would be “visible” and thus not as susceptible to overriding important configurations.