Request Master Class - How to create basic TML

Would it be possible to create a master of how to create a basic TML functionality?


Agreed. I need another hobby.

Creating TMLs is non trivial unfortunately - from my perspective the biggest challenge is knowing and understanding the Model Object structure and all of the potential API calls that can be made in order to be able to write TMLs. There are some training materials on the Trimble TBC Macros Forum that Trimble put together - I would likely start with those and see if they help you. When you have reviewed those let me know how you are doing / what you think and whether you want to pursue the idea.


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This is something I’ve been casually trying to learn since the day it came out. I am a little better than basic at programming in C and doing things with arduino but had no experience with python. I’ve done several YouTube courses on python and am starting to get that but when I go through the example TMLs I can’t really make heads or tails of it yet. I wish the example TMLs had more notes in them explaining each line.