Saving and Working on TBC Projects From Cloud for Use on Multiple Devices

Looking for input or suggestions on what you all are using to save TBC projects on to run across multiple devices. Box, Dropbox, Egnyte, etc.etc… And how you like them?

I’m thinking of working out of a sync folder type of setup that would update off whichever device I am running on. Please comment and suggest in any fashion.

Love to hear what works and what doesn’t for you all.



Dropbox works well for me. No issues that I can note.

Thanks Pat! Appreciate the info!

We use dropbox as well and are happy with it. The one caveat is that DB can’t sync TBC’s lock file (as it’s in use while the project is open) so there is a potential of conflicts if 2 people open the file simultaneously. Other than that it does the trick for us.

All of our people work remotely and we have been using ShareFile/Citrix Files for a few years now. The old sync application worked without issue, but we have seen some errors when they updated to a network drive type sync system. Mostly when trying to push a lot of files up to the cloud at once, or overwriting files really quickly. Overall pretty happy with it due to the ability to manage a lot of projects, multiple users, and easily send and receive files from clients.

It has the same lock file sync issue as mentioned by @Richard_Tyndall, but this isn’t a problem for us because of how we work on projects.

Thanks Guys! I am not too worried about the lock files as it will be primarily only me working on them at one time.

I have been using DropBox for over 10 years and it really works great when you have a team that needs to be able to have access to the same data. I actually work on my hard drive in the DropBox file setup, then the sync is always on so it goes out to the cloud.

Thanks Ron!! Appreciate the information.

You also have to watch the sync functions when using images or pdf files or Point Cloud files - all of these applications put locks on files that show up in the sync folder while they upload to their cloud - that locking function can stop TBC from displaying them/ finding them. TBC doesn’t store these elements In the VCE file I stores them as files in the project folder and references them in the project - if they get locked before TBC can display them they may not show up.

This has been reported by a number of users that use PDF pages - the solution is to turn off sync while working on the project in TBC and then turn it back on again when you are done.


Thank you Alan! I am testing it out now and appears to be working great for me.