Working with Drop Box and Other Similar Programs

We have found that the background synching processes of products like Drop Box, Box, We Share, Google Drive, One Drive etc. can interfere with Trimble Business Center projects and cause a variety of issues. We recommend that while working with TBC, if you use these types of programs and experience problems that you turn off the synching while working in Trimble Business Center.

The problems that we have seen typically relate to elements of projects that are held outside of the project VCE file like Georeferenced Images, Images, Point Clouds, Logos for drawing sheets etc. that are referenced to the project and not held as objects in the project. You will sometimes see strange behavior of imagery either not showing up, partially showing up or not showing up initially but after messing with properties will suddenly show up and stick. With point clouds we have seen Point Clouds disappear from the graphics entirely. In most cases, turning off the background synching will fix the problem in TBC.

The issues have been reported and I will let you know when I hear of any fix being made.

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