Tricks for projects that will no longer open

Hey, does anyone have to any tricks to get a stuck project to open? I have a project that will not open and is stuck on ‘restoring previous views’. Is there anything in TBC equivalent to ‘recover project’ like in cad?

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This is just an idea not tried……Drag n drop into new TBC. Maybe.
I think I did a copy and paste once rename a different name few years back.

Thanks! Re-naming did actually allow the project to open, but it lost all my geoimages, surface and point cloud data.

copy and paste the folder. the folder is what has your imported data which will allow you to open those items. of course when you paste rename as the name you named the .vce

Thank you. After re-naming I was able to view some items, but some images are now causing the project to lock up. I will keep working on it, thanks for your help.