Scanning Work Process Commands not Available

In TBC v5.5, a number of people have had issues being able to use the scanning workflows. The issue is caused by the View Filer that is currently selected (ALL Filter). In the tests that we have done, we have found that the Default View Filter for the Plan View was set to ALL vs My Filter and when that happens you get this issue.

The fix is easy - change the View Filter for the active view to My Filter or Create a New View Filter and select that and the problem will disappear.

It appears that somehow the MyFilter got deleted in the Project template, and when that happens the default view filter reverts to the All Filter and that triggers this issue.


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Changing the default view filter in the project settings as seen in the image below should resolve this issue. The issue arises when the default view filter is set to “All”. If you change the default to any other view filter, for example the “My Filter” view filter, you should see this issue resolved.

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