Shrink Wrap Linework

A TML that would be super useful is shrink wrap.

Civil 3D has this super useful tool called shrink wrap that allows you to quickly create boundaries around lines and points.

I am hoping this might be one that is easy to implement because I know it would save a lot of tedium with drawing boundaries around linework and surveyed data, specifically points.

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There is a way to hack this together by creating a temporary boundary around all of your linework and using track region with track interior regions turned on. Then delete out the larger boundary.

From the help guide:

A dedicated command would still be very useful.


This would save heaps of time

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You can make a surface out of it and then create a DTM Edge Breakline around the outside and then delete the surface - you have to have a similar control to the “Max Edge Length” to be able to determine where you want the boundary to fall ie how far apart do points have to be before the edge doesnt link them