SiteWorks = TBC corridor

What are some tips in getting a corridor imported into Siteworks? Some of the guys at work tried importing a VCL with no luck of seeing the actual corridor.

The corridor has to be Made from instructions not surfaces for it to work like a corridor in Siteworks.

Alignment plus surface or corridor made from surface instructions works the same way- you can get station offset and elevation but no feature staking because the model is slicing the triangles not the features of the road.


Is there an available emulator for SiteWrork?
How well clean up does the VCL need to be or any at all?
is there a road module to this? just like Trimble Access does.

Francisco, the easiest way I’ve gotten a Corridor exported for either SCS or Siteworks would be to setup a jobsite in TBC.

If you go to RPS-Field Data - Jobsites and create a jobsite. Ensure that you have all of the data needed in the jobsite setup. Here you would Create a new site and select any controllers you would like added to the site. Once you accept this you are taken to the Jobsite Manager. Here is were you need to input the needed information for the Project. Site Calibration ( if you are going to be using GPS for this project this is paramount ) Control points ( this in your DC will be the control points used in the project ) Site map ( this will be the Site map in the DC, IE only for visual reference and not something that can be selected ) as well an any Avoidance Zones for Machine Control.

All of that being followed, your JobSite will be created. Now you can create your Design. Under RPS - Field Date - Create Design under the Design Group. Here you can select what type of 3D date you will be using. You have Surface, Alignment, Road Surface, 3D Linework and Material layer to choose from. For a Corridor you would select Road Surface and select the Corridor surface you want to export to the field. You do have the ability to choose Road Surface and " Mash " together a TTM and an alignment to get a “Dummy” Corridor but without the ability to use the Nodes that are created in an actual Corridor surface. Once you have the 3D portion selected, hit OK and then you can pick any Stakeout Points as well as your Design map. Keep in mind that your Site Map that is created in the Jobsite creation can not be selected for any type of stakeout. This is like a picture where nothing in selectable which can confuse your field techs. Anything in the Design Map that is selected here CAN be selected for staking. Once this is done you need to ensure you have the proper controllers selected for the design to be loaded to.

When these steps are followed, your files will be under the C drive - Trimble Synchronizer Data and under the controllers you created for this project. Keep in mind that a Machine can only be attached to 1 project at a time. The way that I’ve gotten around this in the past is to create a controller for GCS and PCS per Jobsite. For Example if your site is Hillside, you would create a controller for Hillside GCS and Hillside PCS.

All of this being said, you have one place to create a design that will give all controllers the same data with the same name created in one step. No more exporting GCS data for Dozers and Graders, then PCS data for Pavers then a DXF, CSV and TTM Survey crews.

It’s a lot to take in so if you have any questions about this give me a call and I’ll walk you through it.

very detailed write-up. these new software are having less and less tools in them. I did the design as mention the other day and how to push some buttons to get the stationing.
which software does everyone prefer - Trimble Access or Sitework?

I thought i still had a loader for this, as I cant find:

If you fill out the form, you will get a link at some point to download. I go to my sitech rep and have them send me the loader. It tends to be quicker.

I am refusing to use vcl’s until end of next year. I spent the fall/winter of 2021 fighting everything about the new work-flow/files. Major stake-out workflows where broke or missing. I still use the scs workflow and push .pro/dxf/csv to the controllers running siteworks. we have been doing this worry free. After Trimble spends some time working out the bugs, we will try vcl’s again.

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