Export Corridor Linework to Google Earth / CAD /ArchGIS

Is it possible to export corridor instructions nodes as linework to google earth / cad file?

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Hello Gavin,

What I would do is explode the corridor surface, this will create the linework that you are looking for, then you can export that linework to your desired platform. Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Hi Shane

Thanks for that workaround, it would be directly export the linework only out of the corridor with the option to have the individual names & layer the string names, to export out mx format or directly to the Trimble controllers

When you use the field data export for Siteworks / SCS990 where it asks for the linework you can just select the corridor surface and it will explode and send the strings out in the DXF format for SCS / Siteworks. For Siteworks I think it will send it in VCL format now - no need to explode first to get the linework.

If you have exploded the corridor surface - the strings can be selected and sent to MX GENIO - however you do have to set up a code mapping because of MX GENIO 4 character limit and need for string numbering - the MX GENIO exporter is in the Tool Shed menu and has an option to send the Trimble Access Road Strings directly and that takes care of the extra mapping needed for Access.

You can also now select the strings and export them to LandXML also for Access.

While it is an extra step to erode the corridor to get Google Earth or Landxml or Genio outputs the explode process only takes a few seconds