Smart Text and Point Labels - Tips and Tricks

A few tips and tricks relating to Smart Text and Point Labels

Smart Text

  • You can explode smart text to convert it into normal text values
  • You can use Math functions in smart text strings - e.g. to multiply meters to mm you can add |*1000 into a smart text string before the >@ sign at the end of the string e.g. a normal smart text string may look as follows C/F: @@, but you can change it to C/F: @@
  • You can also multiply by -1 if you want to change positive numbers to negative numbers for example C/F: @@
  • If you use equals regular expressions in Advanced Select to find text in a Smart Text data selection, it will only find the expression in the Smart Text String and not in the values that the smart text string creates. You can explode the Smart Text to create normal text if you need to do this. I use this to color code text on drawings for Cut or Fill or On Grade delineation.

Point Labels

  • You can use Advanced Select on Point Labels to identify Labels that have e.g. a Negative Number using property Text equals regular expression and entering [-] for the minus sign to select all negative numbers and then you can change their color property to Red. You can use not equals a regular expression [-] to select all positive values.

Cut Fill Maps

If you want to label Cut Fill Map text in colored text, go to Project Settings, Computations, Surfaces and change the text colors there to be the Reds and Blues that you want on your drawings. Once a Cut Fill map has been created these are now properties of the Cut Fill Map and you can also change them there if needed. You can set colors for Cut, Fill and On Grade.